Starlets To Crave at Cannes Film Festival 2015 – Part 1

1. Gema Celaro in “Swingers Anonymous”


– Nicaraguan-born cutie Gema Celaro is bringing her beauty and talents to Cannes playing an alluring stripper in the raunchy “Swingers” anonymous, a perfect showcase of risque in keeping with the eroticism so often seen at the French Gala.
– Exuding the femme fatale sensuality of noirish days gone by, Gema is on the cusp of dazzling the world especially since she’s attending the Cannes Film Fest.
– Having already make a sterling impression in her first horror flick “HazMat”, she ups the ante in the upcoming “All Girls Weekend” where a trip to the mountain gets truly bloody.

2. Lisa Roumain in “Monster In A House”

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– With positive reviews flowing in for her short film “Monster In A House”, Lisa is a gem whom audiences will find delectably relatable.
– She plays a mother who together with husband unwittingly conjures a monster during their frequent quarrels. This entity soon becomes a terrifying threat to their daughter.
– Easily one of the most charming actresses in the indie genre, so it won’t be long before Lisa garners a wave of affection.

3. Christina Toth in “Frankie”


– Christina projects a radiance that’s enchantingly vulnerable yet intensely beautiful, a sure sign she’s a very promising talent in the eyes of many.
– In the short film “Frankie”, Christina delivers a saucy performance and delightfully embodies being a tease which must surely get us all excited.
– Don’t miss her as Sophia, the right hand of Cleopatra which sees this Egyptian tragedy updated to the bustling streets of New York complete with edgy, sexy drama.

4. Momona Komagata in “Eye For An Eye “


– Canadian women are a certified addiction on every medium and we can add the always mesmerizing French/Japanese cutie Momona to the esteemed list.
– Momona is the female lead of “Eye For An Eye” which is as much a political thriller as it is about complex human relationships. I have to say she’s so enchanting it’s a joy to watch her.
– She’s starring in “GutterBalls 2” which if the first “GutterBalls” was explicit horror at its most gruesome, expect more craziness in the sequel!

5. Fiona Hardingham in “The Painting”

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– Cannes is after all an European Festival and it wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the witty English Rose Fiona Hardingham.
– She is indeed a lady of many genres, from excelling at comedy in “Manager” and making an appearance on the hit series “Nashville”.
– Very easy on the eyes, Fiona has the acting finesse to compliment her attractiveness so can catch her in the short film “The Painting”.

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