Cannes Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Jasmine Brotzman

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It’s becoming an endless devotion for the women of Cannes and Jasmine Brotzman exudes the inviting captivation that for so long have been the essence of indie actresses. She stars in “Captive” which screens at the Short Film Corner and should keep audiences guessing till the very end.

Here’s Jasmine giving us a tease of her fascinating role:

I play Marlene in the film Captive. Marlene is the rock of the family. She is the levelheaded protector of Kara, her sister. Marlene is someone Kara has leaned on for many years. She starts out as the strong willed one, always trying to do the right thing, yet as the stress and pressure of losing loved ones pulls on her, we see how she can wear thin and become submissive.

The Captive is a Psychological Thriller with twists and turns. I don’t want to give anything away, so I can’t get too into my character.

One can see from Jasmine’s enigmatic pale blue eyes that she has a mystique about her and would hands down pique ardent interest. Shades of vulnerability and reticence are easily fashioned by Jasmine in the features she’s done seeing how she’s a wonderful channeler of these human sentiments. Her penchant for delving fully into her roles says a lot of her fortitude as she’s complemented her beauty with applaud-worthy dedication. Jasmine has also written a script which could turn into a feature in the months ahead and being an indie fan, I’m all for her to find success with it as well as all her future endeavors.

Don’t forget to drop by the JASMINE BROTZMAN OFFICIAL SITE

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