Sizzling Scream Queens @ Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival 2015

1. Meghan Chadeayne in “Naked Zombie Girl”


– Just like in “Mad Max: Fury Road” where the women get to deliver bloody payback, Meghan gets to be centre-stage in the gorefest as Barbara, a valiant and super-hot prostitute who makes mince meat of zombies with a chainsaw.
– With her killer curves and looks, Meghan is destined for devotion and I dare say the indie horror equivalent of the more mainstream Alexandra Daddario.
– No surprises to see her being cast as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman in a fan film which will get the rabid fan-boys all exhilarated!

2. Terissa Kelton in “Quad X The Porn Movie Massacre”


– Terissa stars as Ginger Snap, the head of a porn company who is trying to complete her greatest adult film ever but finds that her stable of porn stars keep dropping like flies.
– A mockumentary of the porn industry, Terrisa brings a slice of her own personal demeanor to the role of Ginger Snap with a bold yet oddball personality.
– It’s great to see her achieving notability on both sides of the camera, blooming into one of the most promising young talents to hail from Austin, Texas.

3. Katie Carpenter in “Disengaged”


– A born performer who is active in theatre, musicals, dances and film, Katie is leaving her mark as an actress to crave thanks to her dynamism.
– Undoubtably representing all that is hot about the South, this belle from North Carolina is sizzling the horror genre and will star in the girls vs nature film “All Girls Weekend”.
– All the more reason not to miss her in “Disengaged” which re-invents the wheel when it comes to zombie flicks. What is certain, Katie will be absolutely stunning on screen.

4. Sarah Schoofs in “Phobia”


– It’s a double feature of indie horror films (first Gut and then Phobia) that got Sarah much praise as she pushes the envelope when it comes to the more unpalatable subject matter.
– Her cuteness and trademark curls gives her a distinctive presence in the horror genre. In “Phobia” she’s a hauntingly riveting as Jane, the woman killed after a car accident and drives her husband to the brink of insanity.
– Sarah is about to intrigue us as a creature of the night (I’m guessing Vamp!) in the nocturnal subculture of lesbians, murderers, sadistic mayhem and the supernatural in her innocently-titled new film “Theresa & Allison”.

5. Vanelle in “Worldly Possessions”


– Don’t miss her as a succubi-like demon of Jewish mythology who becomes the personal demon for a man who has the unenviable mission of stopping them from entering our world.
– Vanelle has once said she loves the intimacy of film and with her sultry beauty, fans are bound to intimate their passion towards this indie horror vixen.
– With her in the throes of filming “Scream Queen Campfire”, Vanelle could be in line for adoration as a certified Scream Queen we’ll find ourselves obsessing over.

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