Cannes Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Melia Renee


Melia Renee is the personification of comely cuteness, her beguiling appeal will soon adorn the streets of Cannes and beyond. Her short film “Greasy Heart” screens at the Festival Corner and she plays her character Grace like the flower child of the 70s, steeped in the Free Love Movement. This newlywed decides to run naked on a street in a dare and ends up leaving her husband behind! It’s no secret Melia is very easy on the eyes and she teases just enough to leave us eager to see more of her. Viewers are going to crave for more than just the 6 minutes of her in “Greasy Heart”!

They of course can when her upcoming feature “Uncle Nick” which sees Melia opposite acclaimed comedian Brian Posehn and “Criminal Minds” alum Paget Brewster. As the seductive step-niece Valerie, Melia is a flirtatious temptation that even Uncle Nick can’t resist. Check the enticing Melia stirring those horny loins regardless of age in the trailer here:

Wow! Those lashings of dark eye shadow on Melia does accentuate her innate magnetism to seriously sexy levels. She’s also appeared in the popular series “Transparent”, the TV series that got plenty of acclaimed when it was released on A definite star on the rise whom everyone should quickly form a passion for, Melia’s desirability is likely to get even more popular. In the words of a true obsessor when it comes to actresses, I’m hooked on Melia’s charms and so should you!

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