Dances With Films 2015 Spotlight: Aussie Vixen Leilani Wyatt

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Swoon Worthy Aussie temptation Leilani Wyatt has both the sex appeal and elegance to keep us eternally fascinated. What better than to thrust her into the limelight as Leilani is a beguiling actress/model/producer who could be a festival favorite at this year’s Dances With Films, already into its 18th Edition. In “Direction”, she plays Heather who on a first date discovers her paramour is actually taking cues from his award-winning director who offers him love tips. Guess you’ll have watch the quirkily charming “Direction” to find out if he gets the girl! Cate Blanchett was in town recently for Singapore Fashion Week before jetting off to Cannes and it’s her earthy disposition that made a huge impression. Likewise Leilani has all the tenets of a down-to-earth personality and she has the curvaceous bod to go with her congeniality.

Just in time for Summer I say and she’s a kissable honey we’ll be following with bated breath. There’s a reason why Dances With Films is in Los Angeles, the City Of Angels especially when we have Leilani in our midst whom for those who know her will acknowledge as angelic too. Although she has appeared as quite the tough cookie in the short film “Gloriana” as the first female army ranger defending herself in court due to the accusations thrown at her for the death of her man. In fact her aim is to inject versatility into her craft having shone in “The Audition”, another short film where she traverses the touch points of frustration,love,anger and joy with such captivating elucidation. The journey of this fetching Australian actress is shaping about to be a sizzling one indeed.

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