Sizzling Cutie: Hayley McLaughlin

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Exciting times are afoot for the endearing and effervescent Hayley McLaughlin as she makes her mark in the arena of film. From Karen Gillian to Kate Dickie and recently Rose Leslie of “Game Of Thrones” fame, Scottish screen sirens have kept us enraptured for years. Just like her peers, Hayley possesses the bewitching qualities coupled with the warm-heartedness we find thoroughly fascinating. I liken her to a cross between Katie Cassidy(“Arrow”) and Janet Montgomery(“Salem”), her delectable eyes being a facet for fondness.

Here’s Hayley so kindly giving us a glimpse of her projects including her appearance in the sexy thriller “Bound” which is everywhere for your viewing pleasure:

I was cast last summer as Lexi in ‘Agnation’ . My first audition was a self-tape. I instantly fell in love with the character ( she is an All American girl, and drastically different to me ) and is somewhat the ‘voice of reason’ in the movie. After meeting with the creator Dan Swift (ABI Productions) and after reading the full script, I couldn’t say no! We are filming in Arizona this Spring/Summer. My new movie is ‘Bound’ (with Daniel Baldwin, Charisma Carpenter and Terrell Owens). I play the ex- girlfriend of the Lead. It was the quickest I have ever worked on set; it was a ‘do or die’ moment as we were all on a tight schedule. I loved every minute of it! Great to work with Charisma. There wasn’t a lot of time in between takes, she is a true professional!

She was also the star of “Capsized” where she proved her mettle as an actress as she pushed herself in a role that sees her on the phone with her beloved fiance throughout. Hayley took in her stride the very fact that she had no scene partner and she was a standout as the bride to be who has to save her fiancee from a capsized cruise ship with only a cell-phone. The premise of communicating with your loved ones via mobile in times of crisis will keep us on tether hooks and Hayley is a must-watch, showcasing indie cinema’s burgeoning talents at their best. Of course, no one can say ‘You Know Nothing Jon Snow’ better than a Scottish lass and if you’ve checked out the behind the scenes video of her film “Capsized” (above), you’ll love Hayley’s accent that would make many melt and then some. Seeing how Hayley has been accepted into BAFTA newcomers this year, her star is rising at an opportune moment indeed.

Drop by the HAYLEY MCLAUGHLIN OFFICIAL SITE for all the juicy updates.

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