Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2015 – Part 1

1. Jenni Melear in “Funny Love”


– Jenni has the innate magical essence so much so that she’s the fetching driver as the Faerie and love interest of a Clown in the silent short film “Funny Love”.
– While the Clown is in no shape or form a monstrous “IT”, it’s his love story that’s the high point and who wouldn’t fall for the charming Jenni.
– Jenni is an exceptional beauty and talent, excelling in bringing out the complex traits of the very person she enacts onscreen.

2. Janet Ulrich Brooks in “Fools”


– She stars as Linda in the must-see drama “Fools”, the doting mother of Sam, a man who on a whim moves in with a woman who only a week ago were just mere strangers.
– One of the most enigmatic women of the screen, Janet is thoroughly fascinating in “Fools” and solidifies her indie cred in the eyes of many.
– With her turns as eccentric and intensely interesting characters, there’s always a chance she could follow in the footsteps of Melissa Leo.

3. Lexi Moeller in “The Horror”

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– Lexi is a Texas-born doll-face young talent on the ascendancy with several features in the pipeline and fleshing out stories has always been in her blood.
– Catch her in “The Horror”, a psychological film that mystifies the mind with shades of “The Shining” meets “Psycho”.
– The horror/thriller genres have certainly been ones where Lexi thrives and is set to enthrall us in the upcoming fanatical family fare “The Lone Road”.

4. Kandis Erickson in “The Last Treasure Hunt”

– With “The Last Treasure Hunt” screening Friday night, it’s fitting that Kandis is already dazzling the red carpet as she has done countless times at film festivals.
– She’s starring as Susan, the pregnant girlfriend of Oliver Sinclair who has to reunite with his sister after their father’s unexpected passing as they bond on their bittersweet journey home.
– Beguilingly versatile, Kandis is a treasure of the film world and she most notably did enchant us on the hit series “Masters Of Sex” opposite Lizzy Caplan.

5. Tarah DeSpain in “Soccer Moms In Peril”

– Tarah is the cutie we can’t stop raving about as her smile without question melts the hearts and her radiance exudes from her every being.
– It’s no surprise we want to save her seeing how she’s starring as Jessica , a suburban soccer mom who wakes up tied to a chair in a dingy basement with nary a recollection.
– Whether she’s dealing pot or encountering the legendary Bigfoot, Tarah infuses her characters with the relatable personality that’s primed for sustained adulation.

6. Kathleen Gati in “Lifeline”

– Kathleen has played evil before having been a malicious doctor on the soap “General Hospital” and she goes all dark once more as the psychic Madame Golorio in heavily gruseome makeup.
– In “Lifeline” as Madame Golorio she pulls more than a Charlize Theron moment by delivering a stunning performance. Certainly this lady behind the mask is a ravishing beauty in part thanks to Kathleen’s hungarian roots, she’s been consistently a sizzler both on and off screen.
– She’s voluptuous, a riveting thespian as well a siren of the screen. The superlatives of praise heaped on her is about to reach even greater heights!

7. Lucy Walters in “Up Next”

– Thanks to her complex performance in the festival fave “Lies I Told MY Sister” which gained her a Best Actress nomination, she’s highly regarded as a must-see indie darling.
– There’s many reasons why she’s a perennial fixture on the Actress Obsession Blog and seeing her magnetism in the short film “Up Next”, we’ll always dote on her any day of the week.
– Mark the date Jun 6 as she returns as Holly, the ambitious mover and shaker in the sophomore season of breakout hit show “Power”. Lucy is a Summer TV 2015 Sweetheart!

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