Dances With Films 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Kristine Gerolaga

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Channeling the indie spirit that’s always brings joy, the angelic Kristin Gerolaga is a multi-talented actress with a vivacious personality. She’s making waves on her own terms which speaks of her dedication to ensure storytellers of all colors, gender identities, shapes, sizes, and ages are recognized. Don’t miss her in captivating form in the short film “A Period Drama” screening May 30th. This personally enriching short film will resonate with many as it re-lives the menstrual cycle in rather intriguing fashion.

Here’s Kristine giving us the lowdown on her short film “A Period Drama” as well as her upcoming features:

I wrote, produced, directed, and star in the short film.

A Period Drama came to be when my acting teacher, Robert Zimmerman, at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in San Francisco challenged our whole acting class to each write a project that would showcase ourselves. He encouraged us to stop waiting for opportunities and to create our own.

I’m currently writing two projects. One is a comedic webseries, which I will be directing and starring in this summer. The second is a science fiction family reunion drama that takes place in the Philippines and will be a feature film!

From the entertaining trailer of “A Period Drama”, one can see the personification of a lady’s crimson tide is rather terrifying. Kudos to the creative wit that’s innate in Kristine’s repertoire in showing the funny side of menstruation. Having been to Philippines myself and soak in its fun vibe, it perks up my interest to see more of Kristine’s work and so will viewers alike. Great to see her getting that interview with Brit Marling who is one of my fav indie actresses. Following in Brit’s footsteps, Kristine herself is set to be an actor and filmmaker to be endearingly loved.

Visit the KRISTINE GEROLAGA OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates and her wealth of interesting video content.

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