Dances With Films 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Brynn Alexander

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Indie darlings are most often a sure bet to be craved and the desirable Brynn Alexander could be one of the sweethearts at this year’s Dances With Films. After all she’s playing a love interest in the short film “What If My Wife Died In Yoga Class?” making its premiere on 31st May. Dances With Film is by a film fest that year on year has been graced by the most beautiful blossoming faces who have illuminated the LA scene. Brynn has a radiance that would enrapture many a heart and at 5’10” is endowed with such a graceful poise.

Here’s Brynn giving us the tease of her role in “What if my Wife Died in Yoga Class” and a peek into her upcoming endeavors:

“What if my Wife Died in Yoga Class” begins with the lead character having a fantasy that his wife has expired in a fateful yoga class accident. Its a classic, “the grass is always greener” tale. My character Maria is the character that opens the hero’s heart (and creativity) after his tragedy. She is beautiful, sexually available and one day they might run off into the sunset together. There is some humor involving roller skates, a dance sequence and a dumpster. It was a really fun project to work on with Jeff Williams vision and Adam Mayfield was a joy to work with. As far as what I’m up to, I’m a newcomer to Los Angeles, I moved from New York about a year ago so I’m still getting the lay of the land. I’m currently working on a script called “Saturn Return” a coming of age story about two best friends navigating Hollywood. I’m also workshopping Red Light Winter, this coming fall, a brilliant play about an ill fated love triangle.

Seeing how Brynn is also an accomplished model and singer, she’s seizing the moment to shine across mediums. Brynn is an actress who has the potential to come into her own as a romantic leading lady and we will be right there to watch her develop into a success.

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