Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2015 – Part 2

1. Missy Yager in “The Aftermath”


– It’s priceless to see Missy Yager and her husband Sam Trammell of “True Blood” fame playing off each other as an estranged couple in “The Aftermath”, the riveting story of a man who is in a destructive obsession to retrieve his wife’s necklace in memory of their anniversary.
– Sam himself has heaped praised on his leading lady as one extremely talented actress and we also do acknowledge that Missy has a profoundly beautiful glow about her.
– A great thing that she’s also active on TV where she recently guest-starred on “Newsreaders” as well as “Those To Kill” but if there’s a show set in an era of yore (she was on “Mad Men”), it would be essential to cast Missy, the classic beauty.

2. Jessica Cummings in “Astraea”

– Jessica is loveliness personified and “I Heart Her” would be one of the words of fondness many viewers would bestow upon her.
– There should certainly be a hot list started for the women of post-apocalyptic films for Jessica is a fine talent who is a mesmerizer throughout the short “Astraea”.
– A while back I became intrigued by the very cute Jordan Hayes at another film fest who went to star in the popular TV series “Helix”. Likewise Jessica is keeping me fascinated thanks to her authentic performances and she’s on her way to be a star too!

3. Christine Weatherup in “Echo Lake”


– If there’s one trait that adds a dimension of endearment for indie actress is their affable nature and Christine is blessed with it in abundance.
– Fresh off her compelling turn as the awkward in love thirty-something Amelia Karinsky in “Bread and Butter”, she’ll catch the eye once more as Erin, the girlfriend of an alcoholic coming to terms with his somewhat complicated life.
– Having already appeared as a doctor on “CSI:Cyber” as well as a nurse on “Mad Men”, television could be another medium that leaves us hooked on the effervescent Christine.

4. Kaley Victoria Rose in “Axiom”


– Great to see Dances With Film recognizing sci-fi/horror starlets such as Kaley who bring her shining individuality and sex appeal to such a prestigious setting.
– She’s one of the stars of “Axiom”, a futuristic actioner that pits her bounty hunter character Sharpei against a wave of malicious robots programmed to eliminate females.
– Her upcoming comic parody “Unbelievable!!!!! ” will see her join of a cast of beautiful women both past and present. Kaley’s in gorgeous company such as Dina Meyer, Olivia d’Abo, Marina Sirtis, Chase Masterson, Anne McDaniels, Linda Park to name just a few….

5. Emily Coutts in “Barn Wedding”

– Canadian hottie Emily Coutts is on her way to becoming one of the most covetable actresses and this bewitching lead of the comedy “Barn Wedding” is such a delightful watch.
– We definitely need stories about women and their idiosyncrasies which Emily engagingly delivers as Emma, the bride to be who finds herself questioning her life choices.
– She’s also likely to be a screen gem on account of her upcoming parts on the stylish horror film “Crimson Peak” as well as on the new show based on Steven Soderbergh’s call girl tale “The Girlfriend Experience”.

6. Brittany Finamore in “Actor For Hire”

– I first saw Brittany in the horror flick “Pulse 3” and had an inkling that she would blossom into one of the most stunning sweethearts.
– Her alluring features means she’s a Goddess in her own right and it’s time Brittany gets anointed as an indie actress that many will find irresistible.
– All the more reason to catch in the comedy “Actor For Hire” which sheds light on the ruthlessness of the film industry that has always put a premium on good looks.

7. Adriana Mather in “Honeyglue”

– She’s quirky and she’s saucy so it’s apt that indie starlet Adriana Mather is already a red-carpet cutie in the first few days at Dances With Films.
– Her buzzworthy performance as Morgan, the terminally ill free spirit who yearns for love in “Honeyglue” could be her entry into widespread adulation.
– Adriana is the type of actress that an interviewer would love to pick her mind and come Jun 6 at the premiere of “Honeyglue”, there’ll be a wave of devotees circling around her I’m sure.

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