Indie Princess: Kymberly Harris

It rings true that the indie genre has the foxiest women on the planet and Kymberly Harris is luscious personified. Just her ravishing smile will warm the hearts and she has facets that’s desirable to the masses. On the the theatre scene, Kymberly has been recognized for being a tempting force in the many productions she’s appeared in. As you can see, she’s easy on the eyes on both the print medium and on screen. Her work in several indies and an upcoming pilot should instill even more interest for her. In the fantasy short “No More Tomorrows”, she plays Anna, a mother who goes on a road trip with her family and encounters 2 strangers who could spell the end for them. Kymberly also stars in the spiritual world meets the artistic realm drama “Alchemy In Hyde Park”, a fascinating piece we don’t often come across.

Here’s Kymberly giving us an insight into her current and upcoming projects:

This was a very interesting film to do. Robert Beshara had a very specific vision that involved research, dance training, and martial arts for me, so I reveled in the experience to live in Hyde Park for a couple weeks and play Louise. It is a very experimental film, and I hope he gets some recognition for it. Since then, I have moved to LA. I have worked on a few films and TV shows, such as festival favorite 7 Day Gig with Kate Marks and No More Tomorrows with Christopher Carson Emmons. I was just cast in a Feature, Beverly H. with Dionne Jones and directed by Jason Fisher. I’m very excited about my new pilot MILK. I wrote it, and am acting in it, and producing. My co stars are Victoria Smurfitt, John McMahon, and Kirsten Roeters. M.I.L.K is directed by Paul Kampf & produced by PAI Studios.

“MILK” is bound to get attention as it’s a comedy about moms in LA trying to navigate the entertainment world while raising kids has all the juicy ingredients to make it a must-watch. Kudos to Kymberly for showing us that celebrity mums are human too. She also started TheatresCool and has been helping aspiring actors, augmenting their potential by fine-tuning their acting skills. Already an award winning actress, playwright and producer, she’s certainly giving back to the industry on top of being a delightful thespian.



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