Foxy Femme: Claudia Wells

We will always hold a candle for the alluring Claudia Wells as she’s been a mesmerizing figure and one of the most desirable actresses of all time. She dazzled the world in the iconic role of Jennifer Parker, the stunning girlfriend of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in the hit sci-fi film “Back To The Future”. In every scene, hers was truly a face that got our hearts beating that much faster! Seeing how there will be a Back to the Future BTTF 30th Anniversary Party with the gorgeous Claudia sometime in mid-October where fans can reminisce about the movie that changed their lives in one way or another. Of course many are looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the actress who took our breath away in the 80s and till today is still sexy from head to toe. I’m sure the term sci-fi vixen would have been adoringly adorned on her and it’s great seeing her taking up the mantle once more in the her latest movie “Starship Rising”.

She plays Captain Savage, a commander who has to carry out drastic measures in the face of a looming threat. While this is many light years in the future, Claudia makes for one luscious leader on screen. She’s also delving into the genre of indie horror with upcoming appearances in the grisly “Room and Board”. Interesting to note that Claudia was born in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia which is also the country of my birth so by proxy we indeed have a connection, just as how she enchanted a global audience all these years. Influential women in entertainment such as the lovely Claudia should be rightly honored for giving us cherished moments of cinematic history and we are pretty stoked she’s back in our adoring sights.

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