British Vixen: Lucy Drive

The English Roses of the entertainment industry especially in the horror genre are certainly entrancing us and Lucy Drive can be lavished with praise as being one to covet. She is bringing her sassy sensuality to “Reich Of The Dead”, the 2nd World War Post Apocalyptic horror that’s now available on Amazon. Already in the horror genre, we see Janet Montgomery being thoroughly bewitching on “Salem” while everyone knows Lauren Cohan to be the prime hottie on “The Walking Dead” franchise. In “Reich Of The Dead”, those evil Nazis (aren’t they always wicked!) are experimenting with POWS and creating a super army of zombies. It’s up to the Allied forces to stop the onslaught by going on an all-out zombie assault. She plays Erin, a woman caught up in the crossfire between nasty zombies and heroic soldiers as the mighty Nazi machine rages on. Catch her in “Reich Of The Dead” to see if she gets to kick Zombie Ass and might just be a love interest in the vein of Agent Carter as this is after all set during World War II. Did you know the film was shot in Tuscany, Italy which has to be one of the most romantic retreats on Earth.

Lucy may be flying the flag for English actresses in horror but she’s also making a name for herself in the world of drama and comedy. She’s already taken on the essence of legendary musician Karen Carpenter in a documentary and has appeared alongside Jeremy Irons in the period series “The Borgias”. With her upcoming lead role as a ravishing crush of a Polish scientist in “For The Love of Ella” penned by acclaimed author, Simon Golding, she could be garnering an ever-growing buzz. Lucy possesses both an undeniable delectable talent and a beauty that’s intensely exquisite just as how her Polish admirer describes her in the production trailer of her feature (see above). She’s someone who you wouldn’t mind falling head over heels for and she could soon be quite the earnest obsession.

Do visit the LUCY DRIVE OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest news.

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