Sweethearts To Crave @ Los Angeles Film Fest 2015

1. Angela Trimbur in “The Final Girls”


– With her distinctively sensual yet potently captivating charisma, I would put Angela up on a pedestal along quirky sexy women such as Kristen Ritter and Mackenzie Davis.
– She is every bit the scene stealer in “The Final Girls” with her striptease as the sexy Tina being one of the highlights of the horror comedy where overtly sexual behavior comes with some very bloody consequences.
– From horror (she was brilliant in “Halloween 2”) and recently on television as a killer in “CSI:Cyber”, Angela has shown she’s a natural at getting us hooked on her sheer magnetism.

2. Rebecca Henderson in “The Impossibilities”


– Rebecca’s an indie darling in her own right after her noteworthy performance as Maxine, the lover of bisexual free spirit Shirin in the much adored film “Appropriate Behaviour”
– She’s likely to repeat the magic once more in the web series “The Impossibilities” as Alex, the circumspect lawyer girlfriend of lesbian yoga instructor Alex.
– With her upcoming role in the Greta-Gerwig starrer “Mistress America”, Rebecca is set to stir hearts in a big way.

3. Olivia Taylor Dudley in “Dude Bro Party Massacre III”


– There’s can be no doubt that Olivia is very high up on the list of sexiest actresses on the planet and fanboys are clamoring for more of this curvaceous temptress!
– She does however appear as the violent and deranged serial killer Motherface who has designs on carving up members of the Delta Bi Theta fraternity in “Dude Bro Party Massacre III”.
– In “The Barber”, she provided proof of her massive sex appeal and will star in “The Vatican Tapes” as a demonically-possessed young woman. Scary and Sexy, a juicy combo indeed!

4. Joy Regullano in “The Incredible Life of Darrell”


– Joy is blossoming into one of the fastest rising comediennes and her turn as the sardonic Maeve in “Supernatural” was engagingly cute!
– Don’t miss her tickling us pink in the web series “The Incredible Life of Darrell” as the straight talking love advisor to the still immature Darrell.
– Seeing how she’s a writer and is a whiz at improv, expect more riveting work of the humorous variety in the pipeline from this enthralling funny woman.

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