Canadian Vixen: Rebecca Liddiard

Canadian actresses are an absolute addiction and rising starlet Rebecca Liddiard is dazzling up both television as well as the web. She’s already a hit on youtube in the web series “MsLabelled” as Ella, the fashionista who has lofty ambitions of launching an upstart fashion blog. This is to ensure Label, the magazine she’s working for gets a spruced up and regain the buzz of being trendy. Rebecca is effortlessly easy on the eyes, a vision of poise even in the face of the bitchiness that goes along in the world of high fashion. Does our heroine Ella triumph over the evil overloads of style? Seeing how she’s a fan of fashion, this is the ideal role for her and youtube viewers are in unison in appreciating this leading lady. Another medium that’s ripe for her to shine is of course television.

Imagine if you were on the right side of 21 i.e. below that golden age and a survivor of a mysterious plague. That’s the premise of “Between”, the riveting new series on Netflix and with post-apocalyptic stories growing in popularity, this is going to be a must-watch. Likewise are the stars of tomorrow such as Rebecca who has a recurring role as Hanna who will raise questions about her background as will the puzzling episodic drama. Figuring out the cause of the disease that decimated thousands is going to stimulate our minds. Eerily we’ve seen the deaths caused by Mers in South Korea and one can only hope fiction doesn’t turn into reality with quarantine zones popping up everywhere. Her evolution on “Between” will be desirably anticipated and let’s hope she gets to be at the forefront of an exciting series just as how she’s done on youtube. With comparisons to Emma Watson blowing in the breeze although I liken Rebecca more in the vein of Keira Knightley, she could soon find herself becoming a star in her own right.

One thought on “Canadian Vixen: Rebecca Liddiard

  1. Rebecca is a drop dead gorgeous, outstanding actress. I appreciate Gordon Lightfoot, and Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, but this goddess takes my breath away.

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