Indie Princess: Davie-Blue

Sweetness and the indie genre often go hand in hand with the radiant Davie-Blue being an appealing face to be taken with. She stars in the familial comedy “Manson Family Vacation” that sees two brothers devoted to the ones they love with one sibling actually being a devout follower of the notorious Manson Family. David Duchovny’s Aquarius may show the grittier side of the Manson mythos but in “Manson Family Vaction”, it’s the dynamics of brotherly bonds played out with eccentric humor that’s the charm. In fact it’s a reunion of sorts as Davie-Blue teams up once again with actor/director Linas Phillips who worked with her in the imaginatively titled “Bass Ackwards” which premiered at Sundance. She recently attended the screening of “Manson Family Vaction” at the Seattle Film Festival, having made its premiere at SXSW and it would have been so fun to have gotten to meet her. With her film making its festival run at the Los Angeles Film Festival and already acquired by Netflix, we’ll be able to admire her for months to come. Seeing how her co-star Tobin Bell of “Saw” fame gushes affectionately on Twitter about Davie-Blue being a fab actress, ardor for her is a sure thing.

She’s been part of a fascinating group dynamic before, having also appeared in the short film “Annie Goes Boating” which garnered rave reviews at Cannes as well as SXSW. Even a mundane day in the park can be given depth in the hands of a great director and cast. She only recently played a character known as Sunshine and with her vibrant disposition in the features she’s done, there’s ample impetus to be enamored with her.

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