Orange Is The New Black Takeover: Women Sizzling Up Your Summer!



– The reason audiences are binge watching “OINTB” is because of leading ladies such as Jessica who bring such mesmerizing significance to the women inmates they play onscreen.
– We’ve followed her emotional journey as Maria Ruiz from her pregnancy while incarcerated to her giving birth and being back again behind bars. She gave us one of the most memorable scenes in Season 2 with plaudits lauding her for a deeply moving portrayal.
– One of the most dedicated entertainers in the industry, the likable Jessica is a star in her own right and her rise to fame is a thing of beauty.


– Diane has both the aura of sexiness and affability in keeping with her Latina roots which can only mean she’s a favorite on OINTB.
– Fans are already amazed by her character Maritza’s feisty nature yet at times gentler side and the backstory that may play out in Season 3 will be watched intently.
– With her recurring part on “Jane The Virgin”, she’s indicated her preference towards often wacky tales that are not just run of the mill. Granted Diane oozes sensual appeal and could easily be typecast yet she’s dazzling the screen on her own terms. Kudos!


– She may play Neri Feldman on OITNB, a staunch force in her beliefs for nature but Tracee herself is quite the creative force of nature, excelling in the skin of quirky women onscreen.
– Affectionately noted as a comic portraitist, Tracee’s juicy role as the sister-in-law of Piper can only mean more addictive drama in the latest season.
– From television shows to endearing indie films, her physical transformation from performance to performance have garnered acclaim from critics and fans, of recent note bringing to life four different characters in the Broadway revival of “The Heidi Chronicles.”


– Madison is a sizzler in every sense of the word and in Episode 4 proves she likes it on top in a lesbian scene as the saucy Rachel. It’s all Finger in the Dyke as she stirs our loins as the epitome of lezzie lusciousness.
– She may be the newbie on OITNB but as we’ve seen the show can certainly launch the popularity of actresses and we know the very sexy Madison will get her spot in the limelight.
– Her upcoming feature is called “Palm Swings”, a comedy about the lifestyle of swingers which means Madison is going to be desired in the eyes of many.

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