Sizzling Cutie: Lauren Gros

The stars of tomorrow are to be found in the great state of New Orleans and the enchanting Lauren Gros is a darling readying up for fondness. She has the adorable factor going for her which means we’ll find ourselves rooting for her in no time. With numerous productions happening in the great state of New Orleans, upcoming talents such as the Lauren from The Big Easy are catching our eyes. At the on-going Los Angeles Film Festival 2015, horror fans will get a glimpse of Lauren as she joins a bevy of hotties including Nina Dobrev, Malin Akerman, Taissa Farmiga and Angela Trimbur in the highly rated “The Final Girls”.

Here’s Lauren giving us an insight into her supporting role in “The Final Girls”, her guest-starring part on NCIS:New Orleans and more:

I graduated from LSU with a BA in Theatre Performance. Moved to New Orleans, dabbled in theatre for a year or two and then focused solely on my film career.

I worked on Mississippi Grind earlier this year. Just filmed one quick scene opposite Ryan Reynolds, very funny guy. Shortly after that, I booked a smaller supporting role as Mimi in Final Girls, a horror/comedy. That was so much fun. The entire cast and crew were incredibly talented and cool. Adam Devine from Comedy Central’s Workaholics played Kurt in the film and also shot his series Adam Devine’s House Party back to back in New Orleans. I was able to make a quick cameo as Courtney on the show. Appeared on NCIS: New Orleans, episode called ‘It happened last night’.

During my spare time, I edit local actors’ demo reels and put them on tape for auditions and I also coach young actors on camera. Once a week, I teach a Theatre class at a K-8 school.

She can also be seen in “Pitch Perfect” alongside Anna Kendrick which as we know the sequel has proven to be a smash hit! Television is where you certainly want to watch her as she’s going to be on the upcoming sci-fi drama series “Zoo” come June 30 having already appeared on “American Horror Story”. It’s about a rash of unprovoked animal attacks around the world and the conundrum that unfolds as the displays of viciousness becomes more methodically executed. Zombies of the animal world if you may and this phenomenon is apparently is steeped in science. Scary! Love that Lauren is active in the horror genre which I’m addicted to and someday soon she will be gaining her own form of fan devotion.

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