Must Watch Indie Actresses @ The Lower East Side Film Festival 2015

1. Petra Wright in “Desert Cathedral”


– Known for her memorably soulful performances in dramas such as “XX/XY”, Petra takes it up a notch as Annah Collins, the distressed wife in a frantic search for her husband who is hounded by debts in the riveting “Desert Cathedral”.
– With her delicate features, it’s fitting that she’s able to deliver the fragility of emotional desperation that one has when a love one is lost.
– Petra has been described as having a beautiful stoicism in the roles she’s played and has often been lauded as a young Tippi Hedren, a wonderful praise indeed.

2. Grace Rex in “This Is She”


– In the surreally fascinating “This Is She”, Grace plays a woman who encounters a strange growth on the walls of her new apartment which seems to have a trance-like effect on her.
– Being part of an avant-garde feature is illuminating in its experimentalism something which Grace excels, as much as she has done in more mainstream fare such as guest-starring on “Elementary” this year.
– Reminiscent of the starlets from the silent movie era, she does have a magnetic expressiveness that is very much desired now as it was back then.

3. Kathleen Wise in “Blood & Water”

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– With her innate ability to be engaging complimented by degrees of subtlety, Kathleen is reaching the heights of much adored indie darlings.
– Don’t miss her in “Blood And Water” about a young woman discovering the endless notion of fleeting love may one day turn permanent. As they say you can’t choose who you love.
– Her starring roles in short films have been well received and one in particular called “Palimpsest” which screened at Sundance earned massive approval. Exquisitely off beat, she charms throughout as a woman who discovers the amazing act of house tuning.

4. Samantha Strelitz in “Blunderbus”


– Photogenic with hints of allure, Samantha is certainly an indie actress we could find ourselves having a crush on with quite the passion.
– Many have commented how her beguiling eyes seem to convey the nuances of the characters she plays, one of the many strengths Samantha possesses as an enchanter.
– It may only be a supporting role this time in the comedy short “Blunderbus” but having a fixation on Samantha is essential as she’s genuinely fetching on top of being a fine talent.

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