Rising Starlet: Emily Althaus

When it come to a must-watch list of women on television, Emily Althaus should be regarded as a beautiful face on the ascendency. Emily is on the fast track to adulation thanks to her meaty role as Maureen Kukudio, Crazy Eye’s love interest in the 3rd Season of “Orange Is The New Black”. Incarceration doesn’t mean the end of loving someone and their love story is surely one of the highlights of this year’s episodic arcs. With her busy schedule of premieres and press junkets, I’m in awe of her pleasantness and can’t wait for her to tell me all about her experiences working on the every popular OITNB. Emily has threaded the grittier side of life with roles in “Law and Order:SVU” as well as “Blue Bloods” and she’s immersing herself into romantic territory as Maureen, the in-mate who steals the heart of Crazy Eye.

She has a similar magnetism say to actress Lisa Joyce, captivating in subtle fashion and certainly someone we could fall in love with. Like Lisa Joyce, Emily is on her way to becoming a household name and her versatility as a performer could indeed be her stepping stone to stardom. Her artistry extends to the stage and Broadway, notable for being one-half of the sketch comedy duo, THE VENZIN-ALTHAUS EXPLOSION with an award-winning show. Shining in the roles that movingly cuts close to real life, Emily’s adeptness at depicting the vividness of the human makeup is bound to garner her buzz. What’s evident is that I can’t wait to pick her brain in a Q & A with Emily and that won’t be too far in the future.

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