TV Vixens To Crave – June 2015

1. Lulu Brud in “Pretty Little Liars”


– Don’t miss the multi-talented cutie Lulu guest-starring with her bestie Troian Bellisario on “Pretty Little Liars” as she cooks up brownies that should leave most on a high!
– The delectable duo will dazzle in the latest episode of PLL Season 6 as Troian’s Spencer who in the throes of depression tries to score pot from Lulu’s Sabrina.
– From the oft, Lulu has harbored ambitions of becoming the female George Clooney, a maven of her craft and she’s already well on the way to etching herself into global endearment.

2. Jessica Harmon in “The Whispers”


– It’s a rare thing to witness an actress appearing in TV shows as 2 contrasting characters and Jessica is catching the eye with twice the enchantment.
– Whether it be as the fearsome warrior Chalciope in “Olympus” or as the more straight-laced Willa in “The Whispers”, she has the undeniable sultriness that’s always inviting.
– With her solid pedigree in the industry having won a Leo Award and natural versatility onscreen, Jessica continues to a focal point for our fascination.

3. Leah Bateman in “Aquarius”


– The greatest thing about Netflix is one can partake in binge watching no matter the month and what better than watch the comely Leah who has a recurring-role in “Aquarius”.
– Her sweetness extends to more than just her youthful and graceful appeal, many will also know Leah’s modest charms which is admirable for someone tender of age like her.
– Her star is on the rise and one of her riveting features is “Eyewitness” playing Cassie battling the elements and some nefarious figures after being stranded in the wilderness.

4. Holland Roden in “Teen Wolf”


– When they say ‘And God Created Women’, they were not just referring to Brigitte Bardot who was the star as this could be lauded upon Holland, a Goddess in her own right.
– There’s a big reason why looking forward to a new Season of “Teen Wolf” is of great significance thanks to the desirable Holland aka Lydia Martin.
– She may be the wielder of Screams as a Banshee but her real super power might just be her angelic features that makes us appreciate the beauty that life has to offer.

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