Sizzling Cutie: Ashley Sugarman

Sweet by nature and a blossoming comedienne, Ashley Sugarman is proof that the adage of a woman being simultaneously beautiful as well as funny rings true. Falling in love with her smile and down to earth personality is likely to be with equal vigor too. If you’ve seen her red-carpet pics with fellow actress Cassie Scerbo (who is starring in the upcoming “Sharknado 3”), you will find Ashley is quite the stunning, fashion forward lady. She has appeared in the indie comedy “Casting Couch” playing Iris, one of the girls auditioning for a “movie” which is in fact a front for a group of guys to hopefully score hot gals. Comedy is her forte and armed with her experience in improv as well as sketches, it’s no wonder Ashley’s started her own youtube show.

Here’s Ashley with a wealth of info on her myriad of interesting projects:

– I have been performing Sketch comedy for years and when I first moved to LA, I was cast to play “Snooki” in the webseries “LOST at da Jersey Shore” which went viral

– Quickly got cast in “The Columbine Project” play for two years which was completely different from the usually comedy I was used to and had the opportunity to perform for some of the real life victim’s family members which was the single most important thing I have done in LA thus far.

– Studied and performed improv at Upright Citizens Brigade

– Currently, I am taking a mix of my improv and sketch, along with my wacky personality and started “The Ashley Sugarman Show” where I interview different guests and mix in written and improvised sketches. It allows me to have a way to express my randomness and my crazy personality and let me be hands on with the whole production from start to finish from wardrobe, editing, sketches, set design etc.

– I have interviewed guests ranging from other comedians, producers, musicians, fashion experts and well known street performers in the LA area. Dr. Geek, the wordologist that rapped outside of Katsuya in Hollywood and the Venice Boardwalk was supposed to be a guest, and unfortunately passed away a few days before filming so I made a tribute episode to him and helped raise money for his funeral.

– After attending his funeral and seeing how many lives he touched with music, I started working closely with Homeless Non-Profits ( and am now working on projects to bring the arts (comedy, music, dance, theater) closer to the homeless community and currently planning a giant flash mob on skid row to entertain the community there. I am also partnering up with the comedy, dance and music communities in Los Angeles to start raising money for homeless charities since the joy of theater, music, art and dance should be spread to everyone, regardless of lifestyle. On June 29th, The Groundlings is throwing an event to raise money for Homeless Health Care that I have been producing.

– Growing up in NY, I relate and look up to comedians such Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Murray and Woody Allen. I use a lot of the same way Larry David wrote from Curb Your Enthusiasm where I have an idea for a storyline, write a one page summary and just improv and let it play out!

– Currently, I am writing a pilot based on my best friend and it depicts the not-so- glamorous side of the Fashion Industry in NYC.

– I love to tackle so many different things at one time, whether it be writing, performing, throwing events, dancing, …I can’t seem to focus on just one thing and I love it that way!

With her dedication for all things creative, it won’t be long before the vivacious Ashley gains attention for her work.

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