English Rose: Laura Waddell

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The angelic features of Laura Waddell is a joy to savor and this redhead has an innate attractiveness that grows on you. It’s always a joy to be casting an adoring eye on actresses from the UK and a sweetheart such as Laura has every chance of doing so. She is appearing in the buzzworthy horror film “Crimson Peak” directed by auteur Guillermo del Toro and is rubbing shoulders with Loki himself Mr Tom Hiddleston as well as IT Girl Jessica Chastain. Part atmospheric horror, part gothic romance, “Crimson Peak” creeps up on you with sinister intentions yet fascinates with its love story that stands the test of time. Famed for turning on the bitchiness as the boss of Kate Middleton before she became royalty in the TV Movie “William & Kate”, audiences will soon be intrigued by Laura and her role in “Crimson Peak” as soon as it’s released on 16th October this year. The trailer is breath-taking and filled to the brim with suspense interspersed with some serious macabre fantasy.

Her other onscreen appearances include “Saving Mr Banks” where she was onscreen alongside one of the greats Emma Thompson who is still endearingly vivacious which is a trait Laura herself has in abundance. Here is a British talent that may one day follow in the footsteps of Miss Reese Witherspoon who we all adore for her perkiness and Laura’s pixie-like demure could lead to similar adulation. She may have played a rather snide boss in “William & Kate” but one can already tell there’s a positively bubbly demeanor that’s true to life. Her move from London to Los Angeles has been fruitful thus fa and we could soon witness the meteoric rise of the lovely Laura Waddell.

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