Comic Con 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Nicole Dambro

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Indie friendly features are indeed graced by the most enchanting women and Nicole Dambro is a stunner who will mesmerize at first glance. She stars in the darkly fascinating short film “Death To Cupid” about Charlie, a man who after many failed relationships decides to take his frustrations out on Cupid himself! Could Nicole’s love interest character Samantha have something to do with his descent into romantic disillusionment? As Samantha, Nicole embodies a feisty nature which may just prove too much for our dude in the throes of passion or should we say soon to be out of love. Having premiered at the prestigious Dances With Films early this year, “Death to Cupid” will be screening at the Comic Con Film Festival 2015 come Thursday, July 9th. It’s bound to be a must-see on account that The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and even the Easter Bunny are popping up somewhere along the quirky plotline.

A former dancer for NBA team the Miami Heat, Nicole is irresistibly easy on the eyes and I reckon she could give Emmanuelle Chriqui a run for her money in the sexy stakes. Smoldering brunettes are definitely in and Comic Con would be the ideal extravaganza to introduce the desirable Nicole to film fans around the globe. She’s slated to take on a juicy role as a reckless con-artist in the upcoming scripted series “CON” which adds a layer of intrigue about her. The ascendancy of Nicole Dambro is likely to be seen in the near future.

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