Rising Starlet: Nicole Coulon

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We’re constantly addicted to the endearing faces of the screen and Nicole Coulon has the essence to be a coveted actress. She is appearing in the upcoming family comedy “Fan Girl” and recently graced the red carpet at the LA Film Fest with star Kiernan Shipka of “Mad Men” fame. What better than to showcase the young talents of America on the day of America’s Independence July the 4th and Nicole may one day be mentioned on the lips of the masses. Genially photogenic on screen and with the beauty captured perfectly by camera, she’s indeed visually a joy! It’s no wonder even the boys in blue from the TV show “Blue Bloods” flirted with her character in one of the episodes.

Here’s Nicole dishing out some details about her role in “Fan Girl” as well as another juicy feature on TV:

Paul Jarrett was the director it was his directorial debut and he was amazing to work with. Gina O’Brian wrote the script loosely on her daughter who was on set all the time. Kiernan Shipka is the main girl who is a huge fan of all time low and makes them fan videos, her mom is played by Meg Ryan and my character is Holly who is a fashion blogger and the popular mean girl in school and used Instagram and Facebook to ruin Kiernan’s life in high school along w her BFF played by Kara Hayward from moonrise kingdom. It was really fun to shoot and every character in it is pretty amazing.

I also shot an MTV show called one bad choice and the episode is called Belle Knox I believe.

Nicole may be rather wicked in “Fan Girl” but rest assured she’s thoroughly good natured away from the camera. You must admit that playing up the bad side as how Nicole’s character behaves is just that extra bit fun. In the same vein, every one knows controversial college student turned pornstar Belle Knox incurred opposing views but was she really evil in pursuing what she thought was best for her?

We’ve already seen emerging star Willa Fitzgerald making our hearts beat faster on the new show “Scream” and with similarly personable features, Nicole could herself be one to watch in the near future. I say cast her in a TV series and you’ll be falling heads over heels with Nicole in no time.

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