TV Vixens To Crave – 10 July 2015

1. Amelia Burnstyn in “Defiance”

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– Having recently appeared as a most gorgeous babysitter on the creepy new series “The Whispers”, Amelia goes all sci-fi in this week’s episode of “Defiance” as Kyeritso, the Castithan handmaiden of Stahma Tarr (Jamie Murray).
– Check out her blog : where she reveals juicy behind the scenes pics from her stint on TV and film.
– Her doll-like features and alabaster skin tone accentuates the gifts of captivating allure which Amelia has in abundance.

2. Benita Robledo in “Teen Wolf”


– On “Teen Wolf”, catch the beautiful Benita in her recurring role as straight-laced Officer Clarke who gets pulled into some potent supernatural stuff that’s pretty scary!
– She’s a real sweetheart and it’s easy to fall for this starlet when her radiant personality is destined to be mesmerizing.
– You may also want to check out Benita in “Grrl Scouts” which will take you back to the 80s as she stars as a member in a trio of colorful superheroines battling the Illuminati.

3. Ona Grauer in “The Whispers”


– Ona guest-stars on “The Whispers” as a concerned mother whose child has also been touched by the nefarious entity known as Drill.
– Incidentally, her real-life daughter Maeve Dudley plays her onscreen daughter Jane in one of the most thrilling episodes yet as the FBI get closer to unveiling the identity of Drill.
– While we already know Ona is a certified Canadian temptation, she’s got quite the sexy accent too having voiced KGB agent Katya Kazanova in the popular adult animated series Archer.

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