The Must Watch Starlets At Comic Con 2015 – Part 2

1. Elaine Hendrix in “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”

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– If there’s one actress who is synonymous with sex appeal then Elaine Hendrix is the perfect epitome of seductive delightfulness especially since she’s sizzling up FX’s new show “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”
– Watch her as Ava, longtime paramour of Johnny Rock (Denis Leary), a washed-up lead singer of a rock band and witness their love/hate relationship unfold seeing how both of them have engaged in trysts on the side. She’ll be on the panel this weekend at Comic Con! Woot!
– Only recently she appeared as a foxy housewife on “Maron”, tumbling into hot sex with our titular dude and causing him some major problems courtesy of her husband who happens to be a cop. A guest-starring role that’s thrills throughout no doubt propelled by the comic timing and vibrant magnetism of the stunning Elaine.

2. Marion Kerr in “Une Libération”

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– Actresses with the vintage looks are very much adored and Marion certainly exudes the classic beauty that stands the test of time.
– As American resistance fighter Juliet during the throes of World War II, Marion piques your interest as the woman seeking love in the face of death. Her proven screen versatility shows just how accomplished she is as an indie talent.
– On that note, one show which I would love to see Marion shine would be the upcoming 2nd Season of “Agent Carter”. If she were cast, Marion would be a perfect fit in that era as a heroine alongside Hayley Atwell.

3. Dana Delorenzo in “Ash Vs Evil Dead”


– Dana is one of the brightest sparks in comedy and she’s about to garner even more adulation when she stars as Kelly Maxwell, a sidekick of Ash (Bruce Campbell) in his newest war against the Deadites when “Ash Vs The Evil Dead” premieres on Starz.
– Will she be one of the most sought after actresses after this high profile role in one of horror’s most beloved sagas that’s Evil Dead ? After all she is going to kick plenty of demonic ass and that’s not to be missed!
– From celebrity impressions to sketches, Dana has done the lot and with her undeniably charming face, we’ll be hooked in no time!

4. Jane Moffatt in “The Expanse”


– Jane is regarded as one of the most endearing Canadian personalities with a definitive ebullience that’s seen her winning many hearts over the years.
– Active in the world of television, catch her in the recurring role as a Brothel Madam in the new show “The Expanse” that sees humanity colonizing the entire Solar System.
– Jane is also expected to shine in the TV movie “Agatha” with its intriguing elements of “CSI” and “Criminal Minds”, also starring Bojana Novakovic from “Shameless”.

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