Sizzling Cutie: Sarah Warren


When you’re such a delectable face as the bubbly Sarah Warren, exhibiting adoring thoughts for her comes naturally. She’s a Canadian actress/writer/director currently residing in the UK and stars in the indie comedy “A Dozen Summers” which has a pleasant appeal for all ages. Acclaimed Director Atom Egoyan is a champion of her comedic prowess and her effusive spontaneity warrants commendation, a personable trait she displays as the free-spirited mother Jacqueline McCormack in “A Dozen Summers”.

Here’s Sarah revealing more about her role in “A Dozen Summers” as well as current projects including her brilliant spy feature “MLE”:

Kenton Hall (the director of A Dozen Summers) and I met when I was casting (I’m also a writer/director) for my comedic feature film, MLE, which I cast him in. He filmed this lovely feature, A Dozen Summers, the following year and cast me as the unlikely, wanna-be model, mother of twins called Jacqueline. Kenton’s writing is brilliant/authentic and working with his actual twin daughters was a riot. It was my first “mom” role but not your typical mom character! She is quite out spoken, playful and awkward – not like most are portrayed in films. It was a blast pretending to model hilarious items like toasters and toilets – so funny. Working with Kenton was wonderful a he is also a writer/director/actor like me, so we share a language. He gave a lot of room for improvisation, and in one specific scene with the kids, I got to try various takes coming in and taking my revenge on the bully who was teasing my children – that day was the most fun.

As for my own projects, I’m in an upcoming feature this June called “Plant Bite” and I am focused on selling my debut feature MLE. It’s a comedy spy caper featuring Oscar winning director cameos from Mike Figgis and Paul Haggis and is based on a true story. I’d be happy to talk more about our projects whenever suits you best!

What a coup to get luminaries Mike Figgis and Paul Haggis on board! It has to be Sarah’s witty charm which could indeed propel her to one day perhaps be Canada’s Sarah Silverman. Or seeing how she’s been a certified spy onscreen joined the ranks of super heroines such as Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman or the much loved Alias character Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner). Widespread affection can’t come soon enough for the vivacious Sarah Warren.

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