Fantasia International Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Natalie Castillo

The women of independent cinema continue to be gorgeous in beauty and spirit with the alluring Natalie Castillo being the epitome of both. She is starring in “Tales Of Halloween”, the much anticipated horror anthology which has its trailer premiered at Comic Con 2015 recently and is set to terrify audiences come October 16th. Featuring Halloween Horror Tales From Ten Directors, this could well be anointed “The Expendables Of Horror”, especially since the film has an eclectic cast of horror icons. “Tales Of Halloween is also screening at the acclaimed Fantasia Film Festival, a must for genre devotees. Great to see Natalie joining the likes of Scream Queens Caroline Williams and Elissa Dowling, both of whom have graced this blog before in enchanting fashion. Look out for Natalie to fashion her own form of enchantment especially since this blue-eyed blonde is obligingly affable by nature.

Horror fans would be familiar with Natalie’s work in the disturbing “Starry-Eyes” which saw her as an aspiring actress who is hoping for a big break. Of course we all found out what happen to the female lead played by fellow actress Alexandra Essoe when she opted for the shortcut to fame! In the wise words of Jeff Davies, the creator of “Teen Wolf”, he did point out during a Comic Con panel that working hard on your craft will eventually lead you to success. There’s every chance that Natalie could soon have a thriving career too.

Already an up and comer in the horror genre, here’s Natalie giving us the goss on her features present and future:

Working on it was incredibly fun, It was actually the first movie I had ever done! I was on set for about 8 days. I didn’t audition for the role. Actually, a friend of mine who had video taped my work in class was working on set and when the girl who was originally set to play Ashley couldn’t do it, I guess he put my name in the hat. (THANKS John!) I got an unexpected call from the producer, Travis Stevens, asking me if I would read over the script and let him know if I was interested in this part. Haha, I was like, “who is this?” Of course, I read the script and I loved it. This happened on a saturday, On sunday I called them back and said I would love to play the part, and on monday I was at work on set. It happened so fast it was crazy. At first I was a larger part in the movie as a supporting character. When the story got changed around a bit, which was necessary because the new ending is much more appropriate given the nature of the movie, a large amount of my screen time was cut. It’s much better now with this ending though and I am happy it happened. Just being on set and working with everyone was the best part! I had to learn things really quickly, but that was one of the most rewarding parts of being on set of this movie. Watching the special effects (my face getting smashed in was a blast to shoot), hitting my marks, catching the light, etc. was so much fun. It really made me appreciate horror movies on another level. Not to mention that honestly the cast and crew are just the best. Working with them was such a good experience. (I actually didn’t tell them it was my first movie cause I wanted the role so badly, I just figured I would learn on my feet!)

I worked on another movie recently called Battered where I played a large supporting role, Crissy Bright which won us Best Ensemble Cast at the New Orleans Film Festival! It was directed by Robert Madero, and produced by Charles Porter. I love them both and will be working with them again soon on their next movie, which I can’t talk about yet. In August I was so lucky to be a part of “The Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia”, directed by Darren Bousman- another amazing person to work with. In this movie I played an Applicant, which is hard to explain unless you go see the movie. This was so fun, cause I got to work with Tech9ne, David Hasselhof, and a few other names I can’t mention for now. I am also set to play the lead, Jenelle, in a short horror thriller by Shant Hamassian. We are hoping that this short will lead to a feature film.

Natalie will no doubt spark much interest with roles in a host of thought-provoking horror films which means she’s heading for a trip on affection lane.

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