Latin Vixen: Carla Vila

Let’s all hail rising star Carla Vila who is driving the passion we have for beguiling Latin actresses. The ravishing Carla is currently starring on the 2nd Season of “True Detective” albeit in more gritty circumstances as Danielle Delvayo. Yup, Carla is quite the sexy lady yet she appears much more homely in her scenes as how her character is introduced. She insistently urges the police (which includes Rachel McAdams Detective Ani Bezzerides) to do their work as law enforcers by finding her sister who is unaccounted for. What’s the link of her sister’s disappearance to the main plot, we may yet see unfold in the coming weeks. What is certain is Carla’s adept depiction of a hapless soul harboring genuine concern for her missing sibling.

A popular model on the runway circuit and on magazines, Carla’s profile is surely at a high with her appearance on a series such as “True Detective” which is replicating its hit status from Season 1. Carla is also notable for her work on several television shows having been on episodic dramas such as “Southland” and “Grey’s Anatomy”. TV is a medium that’s showcasing diversity and the stories that define individuality so it’s a wonderful thing to see Carla being one of the enchanters onscreen. Carla is part of this generation’s movement in entertainment that me and many around the world want to be partake in.

Do visit the CARLA VILA OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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