Sizzling Cutie: Adina Verson

It’s easy to see why there’s a song called “Girls On TV” when there’s sweethearts such as Adina Verson gracing our small screen. Audiences may know her from “The Strain” and she’s returning in this week’s episode of Season 2. Recently on Twitter, she in jest refers to her character as ‘Your favorite romanian cripple’ which is telling of her easy-going disposition. In an industry where things can often get jaded fast, it’s interesting to see her being refreshingly good-humored. One could also say that Adina could easily play the twin sister of one Emmy Rossum from the hit series “Shameless”, seeing how she has a similar delicate preciousness.

Here’s Adina revealing more about her role in “The Strain” as well as her upcoming projects:

I play abraham’s wife, miriam setrakian, aka. the heart in a jar, on the strain. she is a scholarly woman who was actually abraham’s student at university before they fell in love. although she is crippled from childhood polio, she’s strong enough to travel with him as he first began his hunt for the master.

Unfortunately for miriam, we see what happened to her in episode 12 of the first season. but fortunately for ME, since she only appears in flashbacks, i’m able to come back! i’ll be appearing in one more episode in the second season. (no word on future seasons, and they’ve already diverged from the books, so your guess is as good as mine!). It’s been really fun to shoot in toronto, to revisit this gentle woman, and to play opposite jim watson (as the young setrakian) and although we’ve spent time on set together, i’ve never actually met him without his prosthetic face!

I’m also a stage actress, so coming up i’ll be premiering a new play by paula vogel at yale repertory theatre in connecticut and the la jolla playhouse in san diego this fall and winter.

Let’s hope they flesh out the backstory between Abraham and Adina’s character Miriam even more as she is a big part of why he is on the anti-vampire crusade. Meanwhile, keep up with all the latest updates by visiting the ADINA VERSON OFFICIAL SITE.

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