Fantasia International Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Jenna Saras

Jenna Saras is a vixen that reminds us why Summer is a sizzling month every year. She’s starring in the action thriller “Momentum” which is screening at Fantasia International Film Fest and will be heating things up alongside Olga Kurylenko. You could say that we need to see more alluring women of dynamism and this delectable pair can make a heart beat rapidly with infatuation. “Momentum” was shot in Jenna’s hometown of Cape Town where she has already caught the eye as a stunning actress,model and stuntwoman. She’s graced the pages of FHM globally including being the Cover Girl for an issue of FHM Thailand! Additionally, “Momentum” is the ideal film to showcase the appeal of an international cast and the delectable Jenna would be a woman to crave. Sci-fi fans would have remembered her in the cult hit “Starship Troopers” sporting an American accent and while that may have been a minor role, it set her on the path to feature more prominently on screen.

One can already fathom, she’s very much active in sports, from surfing to volleyball and even soccer! Some of us do not realize the discipline that’s needed to sustain her toned figure so kudos to Jenna for giving us many reasons to be in awe. She’s certainly more than just a model and at the cusp of burgeoning enchantment, Jenna could soon be a jewel of the South African entertainment scene.

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