Rising Starlet: Marla Seidell

Regaling about indie actresses has always been a passion of mine and the comely appeal of Marla Seidell comes in many facets. Known for embodying a range of female characters, from glam to the more eclectic, she’s the quirky and sexy siren roll into one. She comes from the Emily Deschanel school of beauty where you don’t always have to flaunt your aesthetically pleasing ways. Marla does take on a plum role that sees her transformation into sheer liveliness. Her movie with the ballsy title “The Cockups” is set to premiere Thursday, July 23 at Landmark Theatres Chicago so pencil it in and watch this dazzling lady.

Here’s Marla giving us the inside track on her role in “The Cockups” as well as her upcoming features:

My role as Jesse July in The Cockups (correct spelling) is a Fellini woman (glamorous, elegant, strong, very feminine, a diva) in a gritty Chicago film. She is the band-aid of a fledgling alt-rock that never made it. She’s a big-hearted woman, and that is why she keeps going back to Deke, her on-off boyfriend of many years. She wants to help him and the band produce a video, and once again, gets hurt by Deke and the guys in the band. She is ultimately a forgiving person with a lot of heart. The band loves her, and think of her as “the diva.” She keeps them going, in the same way they keep her going. Like many characters in the film, she has a very specific, highly stylized fashion look – rocker girl meets “Bladerunner.”

Jesse is the emotional center – the heart and soul of the film. She doesn’t want to give up on the band, or on her relationship with Deke, and ultimately the film is about forgiveness and the reality of relationships – they are a lot of work!
She is also a big rock fan. She has created an eccentric, passionate life out of loving a band and lifestyle. She is the star of the film, but the band is also the star, and Chicago is another strong character in the film.

This year I am starring in several indie film and television projects. These include playing a vampire hunter in Don’t Save Me, from director Del Lowry. I am on board as Maggie in the comedy horror Bloodrunners. Check it out bloodrunnersthemovie.com

Marla kicking ass as a Vampire Hunter! I Totally Approve! Come to think of it, she should be on “The Strain”. With her excellent track record for playing a series of neurotic and edgy women, Marla is a name we should keep fondly in mind.

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