Fantasia International Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Jessica Vano

When it comes to appreciating Canadian actresses, there’s no limits to how much we gush adoringly for them as we would for the enchanting Jessica Vano. With the world premiere of her film “The Demolisher” on July 27 at this year’s Fantasia International Film Fest, all eyes will be trained on Jessica as she’s starring in a major role of this intriguing vigilante thriller. She plays Marie, a young woman who is targeted by Bruce (Ryan Barrett), an ordinary repairman who takes matters into his own hands by exacting comeuppance on those he thinks are responsible for his wife’s assault. Labelled as the new-age Punisher, his vendetta against poor Marie is a by-product of his rage fuelled by injustice in this hyper-violent character-driven revenge flick. These are stories ripe with compelling statements of right and wrong as well as the darkness of addiction so expect Jessica to paint a narrative of a woman caught up in terrifying circumstance and will she be able to escape unscathed? With “The Demolisher” garnering plenty of rave reviews, there’s going to be buzz heading Jessica’s way.

When it comes to the indie genre, is there a need to be a household name when there’s a complex female character and sometimes more than 1 driving the story? Jessica would certainly be a face to hypnotize audiences and I reckon she may yet follow in the footsteps of fellow Canadian hottie Molly Dunsworth who found fame via cult indie hits “Hobo with a Shotgun” as well as “Septic Man”. Jessica is a sweetheart we could have a thing for in the months ahead and find affection beyond Canada’s shores.

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