Sizzling Cutie: Emma Blyth

Emma Blyth has the genial and everlasting youthful appeal that has a hold on us from first glance. She has the Camilla Belle meets Emma Watson radiance that’s endearing and very much deserving of admiration be it from a distance or in close proximity. She does play a character called Isabella who is a little devilish in a recent indie short film “No More Tomorrows” where she reminds me of a young Juliette Lewis. “No More Tomorrows” has gotten positive reviews thanks to its twisted divergence into the fantasy genre and the spot-on performances of the cast. She’s also set to star in the upcoming comedy “High On The Hog” which has horror icon Sid Haig as a weed farmer.

Here’s Emma revealing more about her role in “High On The Hog” and several of her upcoming features:

Without giving too much away, my character sets the pace for the rest of the film. She was really fun to play because she’s very emotional when tragedy strikes early in the film. After having a bad reaction at a party, my character’s friend rushes out and I have to chase after her. So it was fun to play a character who has such emotional depth and such a wide range when the stakes are so high.

Currently, I’m in rehearsal for a play about self image at La Mirada Theater. The play is being put on through Phantom Projects, an educational theater group. My character is the lead and she is suffering with an eating disorder and the show is designed to bring attention to and inform youth about these real issues. After the play, there’s a Q and A between the actors and the audience, making an opportunity to open up a discussion.

My hope for this play is that it will open up a dialogue about eating disorders. These problems that so many people face, strive off of being secretive. If we were able to open them up as a discussion point, without making it difficult or weird to talk about, then we would be in a much better place to help those with eating disorders overcome them.

I am also signed on to shoot a feature this year called Sin Verite. In the movie, I play a teenage girl named Becca who has left home to join a group of actors that take their acting to real world situations in a way that they feel is more authentic, but in reality it is much darker.

With her focus on social issues via the acting craft, Emma could well soon find herself becoming a coveted presence in the industry. With her potently cute factor of i dare say 10/10, she may just take the world by storm.

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