Rising Starlet: Sophie Curtis

The rise and rise of indie actresses is firmly in the ascendancy with blossoming actress Sophie Curtis soon to be an undeniable jewel in the eyes of many. This generation has never had it this good with Sophie joining the likes of Haley Lu Richardson (“The Last Survivors”) in giving us plenty to be intrigued about especially in the dramatic thriller genre. She recently starred as Carla in “H8RZ” a popular high-schooler who together with her clique are implicated in a cheating violation. Things start going downhill when their attempt to remedy their predicament sees them being blackmailed from someone in their past. Great to see Sophie get to sink her teeth into a vivid character as the nervous wreck Carla who sometimes finds herself unable to cope with the baggage in her life.

She was also the leading lady in the movie “Innocence” as the virginal Beckett who discovers a coven of witches at her school have an endless desire for virgin blood. In the climax she faces off with head witch Pamela Hamilton played by the always seductive Kelly Reilly. With her sweet, likable features, it’s easy to be charmed by Sophie and root for her. Seeing how she’s also starred alongside Julianne Moore, it won’t be long before Sophie Curtis becomes a household name too even at her tender age. Seeing how she’s bagged a plum role in the Robert Pattinson film “The Childhood of a Leader”, her coveted newcomer status should be sealed. Sophie exudes a captivating magnetism that’s arrestingly charming whether it be onscreen or the red carpet and she’s definitely has our passionate endorsement. Cuteness is an addiction and Sophie Curtis is at the forefront of adorable attractiveness. On that note, she’s a beauty I can’t wait to do an interview with!

And with that, here’s some freshly minted updates from the very comely Miss Sophie Curtis. Kudos to her for being so accommodating in light of her busy schedule.

My role in H8rz was very different than anything ive done. As a kid going to an all girls school, i witnessed a lot of bullying, especially cyber bullying growing up in the generation where kids got cellphones at the age of 12. This movie represents the daily struggles of being a teenager in this day in age, and how far a person can be pushed till they reach their breaking point.

As Carla I played the “popular girl” but she herself, faced her own demons and as a result acted in a cruel demeanor. H8rz is a story about revenge, but it’s also a cautionary tale, with a fun spin on it, that makes it an easy to watch thriller. I really enjoyed making this movie and working with all the actors and crew that were a part of it.

As for upcoming projects and things going on in my life, the film I shot this past February in Budapest, Hungary just got announced to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September which is very exciting. The film is called The Childhood of a Leader and is a film set in 1919 post war France. I can’t tell you much about it yet, other than I loved working with Brady Corbet the director and my costars who include Robert Pattinson, Stacy Martin, Liam Cunningham and Berenice Bejo. Other than that, I have a few other secret projects coming up this year that are still in the works.

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