Sizzling Cutie: Mallory Low

Vivacious Mallory Low is steadily making strides in the eye-catching sweetheart stakes. Mallory is a luminous mix of Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian and Filipino but we reckon she’s all lovably demure. You may have spotted her on the hit show “How To Get Away With Murder” playing a student of leading lady Viola Davis. Just as how she describes Viola as incredibly humble, I sense Mallory herself has a similarly gracious spirit. She makes a return to TV this week on the FX series “Married” which stars Judy Greer and Jenny Slate.

Here’s Mallory revealing more about her role in “Married” and her web series:

I just booked a role on Married on FX Channel. I play a character named Grace who works as a bartender at a karaoke bar, whom the main character AJ (played by Brett Gelman) ends up having a one night stand with. It hasn’t aired yet, so I don’t want to dish out too many details. The funniest thing was that, it was my first time shooting a simulated sex scene. I’ve never done that before. Luckily, I didn’t have to take any clothes off! It was great because, Brett, made things very comfortable for me and so did everyone on the set. It was definitely technical, I’ll tell you that much. There was a lot of moaning, physical movements etc. All in all, I had a wonderful time working with everyone. Now, I can cross simulated sex scene off my bucket list! Haha!

I also recently just created a YouTube web series called Starving Actor Problems. Which is almost like a How-To for Actors so to speak. I’ve compiled tons of different audition experiences both good and bad and decided to write episodes about them that give the audience an inside look of the experience and how to avoid it in the future or improve themselves for next time. It’s both funny, educational and inspirational all at the same time. It feels so fun to just be creative in a whole new way. I do also star in the episodes, of course, but whether it’s the writing portion, editing or directing, I’ve begun to just love it all. My hopes for SAP is to support and help other actors. I know I’ve definitely learned a lot, being in this business for 17 years now and who knows, maybe something I learned during my journey can have a positive effect on someone else’s.

Here are 3 links to 3 of the episodes.

The Bounce-Back
(I talk about how to bounce-back from a bad audition and how to move forward).

Bad Readers
(I talk about what to do if you have a bad reader in your audition and how to prepare at home in case you have one).

Things I Think About When: I Have To Kiss Someone In Acting Class

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WOW! She’s aced the Simulated Sex Scene! Kudos to Mallory for her dedication to her craft. Besides fleshing out saucy shenanigans on the small screen, she’s also a singer with quite the soulful vocals. We certainly need more delectable female creators like Mallory in our era, esteemed women who are channeling their individualism as entertainers.

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