Rhode Island Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Rebecca Lines

Known for her diverse body of work, Rebecca Lines is adept at projecting the persona of the characters she’s played and they have been an enchanting bunch indeed. Check out the web series “Johnny Dynamo” as she entices in her appearance as the seductive Gwen Frazier affirming that indie actresses are sexiness personified. Watch the episode (above) around the 18:30 mark and you’ll soon find that red is definitely her colour and Rebecca is a vision of sensuality. If you’re attending this year’s Rhode Island Film Fest, catch Rebecca in the comedy “Paternity Leave” that turns pregnancy on its head by having a guy getting knocked up.

With her beaming smile, Rebecca truly enjoys immersing herself in the skin of quirky yet relatable women and that means she’s a must watch. Going against type is her forte and she’s excellent at uplifting us with her fun, spirited interpretations of the female form. Not forgetting that she can be a genuine vixen onscreen, adding that extra dimension for us to adore her. Rebecca has indeed taken on dark roles specifically as an abusive mother but it would great to see her being a tease too, someone with loads of sass. The love she has for her craft is second to none and soon so will the passion for the gorgeous Rebecca.

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