Rhode Island Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Screen Siren Ellen Gerstein

Accomplished as a multi-faceted actress, Ellen Gerstein has won the praises of a number of bigwigs in the industry. She has a warmth that’s instantly likeable and has depicted a range of diverse makeup. At this year’s Rhode Island Film Fest, she’s delving into romance and is proof that one can depict a woman in love irrespective of age. Catch her in the short film “Come Away With Me” as Ann Chambers, a woman who believes true love still exists and she’s never given up on re-connecting with her paramour. Will she get her man despite the obstacles laid before her? Thanks to Ellen’s portrayal, we may yet see the notion of ageism (a plague if you ask me) in scripts about love vanish. Intimacy even in our golden years has it fair share of stories that need to be told on film. Festival goers will get to see Ellen in person as she is slated to attend the screening happening on 7th August at

Acclaimed director Mimi Leder (whose daughter Hannah I’ve written a feature on this blog) describes her as an astute actress, someone with the magic touch and no wonder she’s thoroughly credible in the varied roles she’s done. Couch potatoes would have seen her on “Shameless” as the gun-toting Aunt Rande whom many of us would not want to mess with. Ellen has also appeared in the indie actioner “Swelter” starrring Jean Claude Van Damme. Seeing how she’s currently dazzling it up on many fronts (as a writer,producer,director), Ellen will be admired for her impeccability as a virtuoso character actor.

Keep up with the latest updates on this amazing talent at the ELLEN GERSTEIN OFFICIAL SITE

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