Las Vegas Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Amelia Morck

Preciousness is an everlasting characteristic of indie actresses and Amelia Morck has an adorable nature bound to attract affection. Catch her in “Molly” as Sadie, one of a trio of women who deals with their best friend’s death by indulging in the titular drug better known as Ecstasy. What’s compelling is how the drug affects them during their period of mourning, a trippy yet sombre-tinged look into dealing with the loss of a dearest. As the good girl Sadie, her inhibitions come to the surface and she starts to get angsty under the influence of the HAPPY DRUG! Endearingly beautiful Amelia depicts both facets of her character with such watchable poise. Great to see her starring opposite fellow cuties Stephanie Ellis and Kristin Carey who I’ve featured with passion here on this blog.

Cuteness is a trait which Amelia has in abundance and she can mix it up with a sassy vivacity too. The peeps in charge of the comedy series “Hello Ladies” did cast her as a cute girl in the pilot episode and that’s affirmation enough. Marvel fans will be able to spot Amelia in the upcoming Captain American film “Civil War” as heroes become foes and Spider-Man is introduced into the cinematic universe. She may not be playing a super-heroine but Amelia is flying the flag for indie starlets with the potential to leave a lasting impression.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Amelia Morck

  1. This is great and I fully agree! I was fortunate enough to cast Amelia as a supporting character in my first feature film, MILES TO GO (available on VOD via Indie Rights Movies), and she was exactly the shining bright actress you are describing here! Amelia is a wonderfully talented, super terrific actress, naturalistic and nuanced in her craft, and anyone would be blessed to have her part of their film!

  2. You have a great eye! Amelia Morck is my favs too! But she’s so much more than cute. She has the layers of depth that will make her great for years to come.

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