Las Vegas Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Amelia Brantley

The comeliest ladies are certainly fronting the indie genre and Amelia Brantley has quite the saucy disposition. Some have describe Amelia as magical onscreen and we can see why when the camera loves her, accentuating all that is magnetic about her. She stars in “Martian American” as Alyssa who helps to make a lonely Martian on Earth feel less alienated. Will it work out for the Man from Mars? Even in the trailer for “Martian American” one can see that Amelia is a charmer to be besotted with. If you like Jaimie Alexander of “Thor” and the upcoming “Blindspot” then fancying Amelia is a must seeing how she is just as alluring. After all “Aliens” do love her and humankind would surely follow suit!

Here’s Amelia regaling about her time working on “Martian American” and her other short film called “Emotional Coup”:

I have the short film that I shot with AFI last winter called “Martian American”. It’s definitely my best work on film to date and I am sooo excited to see it do the festival circuit!

Emotional Coup was a blast to shoot. Viki, the director, knew what she wanted from the very beginning. I remember auditioning for this and thinking, this girl not only knows what’s she’s doing, but she knows what she wants. Usually it takes a few auditions before you get the call that the part is yours, but i went in for this one morning and got the call at 5pm that night that I was in and I was SO excited. It was the first time I had ever worked with a female director and all but one part of the cast was female so shooting was a complete blast. I was really nervous going into shooting because well 1) the script was incredible and I wanted to do it justice and 2) the entire thing revolved around my character, Sandy, so not only did I want to do it justice but I wanted to be great. I woke up on the first day of shooting with a massive cold, fever, the whole thing. I showed up to set and Viki was so sweet and ran out to get me some cold medicine and then gave me a few extra minutes to get ready. The entire filming was so smooth and fun. We would take breaks with Viki and talk, sometimes about the next scene, but a lot of the time about life and girl stuff. It was such an awesome experience. I’m really proud of how this project came out and love what Viki is doing with it. I feel really lucky to have been a part of it.

Amelia may not yet be a household name but it’s the indie genre and the film festival circuit that’s giving her the platform to sparkle. Start Falling in love with this radiantly beautiful starlet.

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