HollyShorts Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Emily Mest


We can’t stop showing our adulation towards the cutest actresses on the planet and the comely Emily Mest is indeed a veritable vision of sweetness. As we speak, Emily is already dazzling up the red carpet at the HollyShorts Film Fest whilst attending the screening of her short “Velvet Karma”. I can say that she does look extremely delectable in her white top and floral mini-skirt ensemble. In this not so serious take on fashion films, she’s luminously cool as May, a mischievous girl who together with her best friend trespass into Jeweler Tarina Tarantino’s downtown showroom. In just six minutes Emily is a cheeky enchanter as her antics is merrily entertaining in keeping with the fun tone of the short film. Don’t you wish you could sneak into a shop and indulge in revelry with wild abandon!

Also check Emily out in the horror flick “The Malibu Tapes” about four hard-partying teens who mysteriously vanish without any evidence of it being a kidnapping. Let’s hope we get to see Emily in even more features as she’s a certified doll and quite the fashion forward lady on account of her red carpet style. She’s one you could fall passionately for at a moment’s notice.

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