Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 18 August 2015

1. Shayla Beesley in “Reaper”

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– Shayla is a mix of avant-garde sensuality and innocence, instantaneously magnetic with a reviewer calling her extremely attractive and the highlight of her latest feature “Reaper”.
– Notable for her enthralling role as Goth Girl Daisy Hopper in “Perkins 14”, she returns to enchant once more as Natalie the con-artist who rips off more than she bargained for.
– Her talents extend to the sphere of music and storytelling seeing how’s she’s also a singer and writer, Shayla is bound for avidity from audiences around the globe.

2. Stephanie Erb in “Ray Donovan”


– There’s no better medium than television to eye ravishing actresses and the gorgeous Stephanie is set to have a juicy recurring role on the second season of “Ray Donovan”
– She plays Helen Miller, the head of the Fish and Games department who is introduced in a rather chirpy intoxicated mood in this week’s episode “Swing Vote”.
– TV is where she’s always been an enticing vision, from being the busty mom Mrs. Schmidt in her memorable scene opposite Jon Cryer in “Two And A Half Men” to wonderful turns on “True Blood”, “Weeds” and “The Fosters”.

3. Abbie Gayle in “The Astronauts Wives Club”

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– Even at such a tender age of 18, one can assuredly say Abbie is heavenly and could blossom into one of the most endearing young actresses.
– Catch her on “The Astronaut Wives Club” as Alice Shepard, one of NASA Mercury 7 astronaut Alan Shepard and Louise Shepard’s three daughters.
– She played a ghost on the “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff “Ravenswood” and ever since is steadily making a impression with her innate engaging glow.

4. Lucy Faust in “The Astronauts Wives Club”


– Some have the doll-like beauty that is a sure thing for adoration and Lucy is a darling every one should know about.
– She can be seen as Autumn who is part of a hippie commune in the episode “The Dark Side” from the series “The Astronauts Wives Club” where she’s quite the retro beauty herself.
– With her impossibly fetching features, she could play a woman of any era, which she has done beguilingly in show such as “Salem” and “American Horror Story”.

5. Denise Williamson in “Dark Places”


– From indie horror to bigger budget films, Denise is the Texan cutie who could well be earmarked for rapid adulation.
– On the back of her supporting role in the Arnie-zombie film “Maggie”, she’s also in the psychological thriller “Dark Places” starring Charlize Theron and Chloë Grace Moretz.
– The bubbly personality of Denise who also happens to be a Scream Queen does mean she’s a compelling brew of sexiness and approachability.

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