Rising Starlet: Meredith McGeachie

There’s a plethora of reasons why Canadian actresses have a bewitching effect on us and Meredith McGeachie has an intrinsic essence that’s thoroughly fetching. She can be seen in the new TV series “Ties That Bind” which stars Kelli Williams in the role of Allison McLean. who has familial ties with Meredith’s character Jackie who is in rehab. Meredith is spot-on as the unhinged woman who clearly still has psychological issues. You can sense the tensions swelling especially since it’s Allison, a no nonsense detective who arrests her brother (Luke Perry) for aggravated assault thus causing fractures in the family dynamics. There’s going to be a whole heap of trouble in paradise and we can’t wait for juicy revelations involving both ladies.

You may have seen her in the sleeper hit show “UnReal” recently which put a fascinating spin on reality dating shows and the real drama behind the scenes. Meredith has certainly been a mainstay on television, appearing on several hit shows including the lesbian drama “The L Word”, “Fringe” and even in an episode of “Supernatural” where she adeptly switches into creepy mode as the friend of Maggie, a witch (Charisma Carpenter). Meredith might be Canadian but she’s actually Australian-born which means she has connections to Anna Torv from “Fringe” of course. Plus she proved to be compelling on “The L Word” as Tonya the obnoxious, social-climber of a publicist and on-screen paramour to tennis star Dana Fairbanks, played by Erin Daniels. Meredith is also a Genie-nominated actress and that means she’s a consummate entertainer deserving of adulation. It’s time to watch her become one of TV’s most endearing faces.

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