Hotties Of Horror @ Film4 FrightFest 2015

1. Sarah Hagan in “Sun Choke”


– Playing a mentally unstable women bordering on Paranoia in the psychological thriller “Sun Choke”, Sarah gives an unforgettable and star-making performance many people will be talking about for months.
– A departure from the more comedic tone of her previous work, this former “Freaks and Geeks” alum is destined to keep you riveted and terrified.
– She is about to shoot Season 2 of the comedy web-series “Breaking Fat”, spoofing the hit show “Breaking Bad”, with the overweight drug dealers making a funny return!

2. Castille Landon in “Wind Walkers”

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– It is the horror medium that has its constant bevy of cuties and we are certain to fall in love with the adorable Castille Landon.
– She stars in the much anticipated “Wind Walkers” that tells of a Native American curse that befall unfortunate souls in the Everglades. Will Castille’s character Lexi Thoms be the Final Girl?
– What better than to join her at the premiere of “Wind Walkers” this Friday in London as lucky fans will get to mingle with this desirable sweetheart.

3. Lexi Atkins in “Some Kind Of Hate”


– She may be in a film called “Some Kind Of Hate” but the potently foxy Lexi is a vision of elegant innocence that we all love with abundance.
– Having wowed the world as Miss Illinois USA and the star of “Zombeavers”, she appears in the violent slasher that has a spirit wreaking violent havoc on behalf of a bullied teen.
– One of the nicest actresses you could ever meet, Lexi has already cemented her onscreen sensuality on top of her many genial qualities.

4. Lauren Alexandra in “The Shelter”


– Lauren stole our hearts as the sexy Cookie in an episode of “The Astronauts Wives Club” and she’s every bit as ravishing in her film “The Shelter”.
– She stars opposite Michael Pare who is the object of some serious haunting when he seeks shelter in an extravagant but unused two-storey house.
– Having seen early production pics from her upcoming horror movie “Silk Scream, Lauren is one lady that’s pretty desirable even with blood splattered over her face and body.

5. Najarra Townsend in “Contracted: Phase II “

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– One of the Goddesses of Indie Horror, the always charming Najarra is an irresistible talent with an expansive finesse to keep us engrossed.
– Her transformation from cutie to the grotesque walking dead Samantha in “Contracted” is one of the must-see performances that is both unnerving yet hypnotically compelling.
– She does make a return in the sequel having already feasted on her own mum as the seed of her infection, namely her boyfriend Riley goes through the same disgusting transformation into a bloodthirsty zombie!

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