Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 29 August 2015

1. Allie McCulloch in “Under The Dome”


– Viewers can catch the endearing Allie in the hit sci-fi series “Under The Dome” and she might just shake things up in the already tense atmosphere at Chester’s Mill.
– Here’s Allie describing more about her recurring role:

I play Dr. Dava Bloom. I work with the head of Aktaion – hector Martin (played by Eriq La Salle). I’m brought under the dome to create a cure for the infected! All my scenes are with the lead cast : Dean Norris, Eriq La Salle, Rachelle LaFevre, Mike Vogel, Alexander Koch, Max Ehrich, Mackenzie Lintz, Gia Mantegna

– This year she’s already been seen on “Secrets and Lies”, “Sleepy Hollow” as well as “The Originals” which means this ebullient beauty could soon generate a wave of interest.

2. Monique Ganderton in “American Ultra”

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– In “American Ultra”, Monique goes toe-to-toe with Jesse Eisenberg (whom we know is going to be Lex Luther) so we can say to this dangerously sexy stuntwoman/actress, kick his ass!
– She is the epitome of courage and sultriness, wowing us with the many dangerous stunt sequences throughout her career and looking delectable executing them.
– Noted for her work as the assassin Alia in “Smallville”, Monique became a fan favourite and let’s hope she gets to entice us in another sci-fi show.

3. Lynn McArthur in “Celebrity Wife Swap”


– Lynn is certainly spicing up the reality TV circuit with her recent appearance on “Celebrity Wife Swap” as part of Corey’s Angels, the artiste management company run by Corey Feldman.
– She does have all the right curves and with all that lingerie wearing on the show, Lynn is ensuring many beguiling moments for our eyes.
– This honey is also chummy with the cast of “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”, think Ian Somerhalder and Daniel Gillies, which puts her in an enviable position, primed for ardor.

4. Jessica Willis in “Lake Fear” aka “Cypress Creek”


– Jessica stars in “Lake Fear” aka “Cypress Creek, a twist of the cabin in the woods meets found footage subgenre that manages to assimilate the age-old possession tale with macabre chills.
– Having already premiered at the prestigious Cannes and set for release in the UK, Jessica is on course to be one of indie horror’s newest discoveries.
– She is after all a doll onscreen which is a boon for any horror fan and with a busy slate in 2015/2016, we’ll be gazing intently for her next appearance.

5. Melissa Cordero in “Ghost Of Goodnight Lane”


– Potently luscious Melissa joins fellow cuties Lacey Chabert and Danielle Harris in “Ghost of Goodnight Lane” but will they reach the end of the movie in 1 piece?
– Here in Asia it is the start of the Ghost Month in Chinese Culture so we can’t wait to watch Melissa thrill us in this horror film about a malevolent spirit and find out if she survives.
– Don’t miss Melissa in the new sitcom “Roommates on Elm Street” which despite its title nod to the dreaded street that nightmares often happen is actually a fascinating comedy!

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