Indie Darlings To Crave @ Portland Film Festival 2015

1. Britt Harris in “Birds Of Neptune”


– Britt is the star of “Birds Of Neptune, the opening film of this year’s Portland Film Fest and she’s just graced the premier in the most endearing fashion.
– Even after the screening, it’s never too late to heap praise on one of the darlings of the indie scene and Britt’s captivatingly, unerring connection to audiences as seen in “Birds Of Neptune”.
– In this era, we can count ourselves revel in the wonderfully artistic journey that’s crafted by Britt and with her personable disposition, that’s twice the incentive to follow her.

2. Laura Heisler in “As Good As You”


– Watch Laura at her compelling best in “As Good As You”, touted as a serious comedy where one get the best of life in spite of the dark moments.
– She shines in the role of Jo who has lost nearly everything as she navigates the choppy waters that’s her grieving period.
– Laura is admired for having the knack of infusing humour with a humanistic touch that makes her one of the gems of the independent scene.

3. Rachael Perrell Fosket in “Death On A Rock”

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– With her award winning performance for “Death On A Rock” at the 2015 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Rachael is destined to make waves!
– If you’re looking for dramatic brilliance from an upcoming captivator then Rachael would be the girl to be excited about as she’s potently soul-stirring in the lead role of Lillian.
– She also appeared on the hit show “Grimm” as Heidi McDunnah, the charming streetwalker who happens to be a Wessen in the Jack The Ripper plotline early this year.

4. Nicole Dalton in “The Blind Date”


– Catch the vivacious Nicole as Donna who gets into the throes of awkward social arrangements with much hilarity in “The Blind Date”.
– Great to see Nicole working with Rory Uphold (whom I’ve featured here quite a few times) who are both hugely talented in the art of improv and of course easy on the eyes.
– Nicole is also notable for starring in the web series “I’m Triggered” which puts the funny into the maladies of the psychological kind.

5. Lacey Anzelc in “Juniper”

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– Gen Y meets hippie modernism in “Juniper” as leading lady Lacey plays Annabelle, a young woman who tries to find a lasting connection by checking herself into a hippie community.
– No doubt the change of scenery is setting for some memorable moments as the talented Lacey perfectly embodies this woman who finds inadequacy is her the bane of her life.
– This may be quite the dramatic role for her yet Lacey’s easygoing vibe couple with her most alluring of features is certain to win us over.

6. Hannah Barefoot in “Amends”


– Just like Carla Gugino, Hannah is a force of nature onscreen, beautifully sensual and possesses a versatile range that deserves adoring viewership.
– Even without a trailer, I’m already intrigued to find out what she has in store in her latest short film called “Amends”. Oh wait here’s a tease she’s playing a paramour!
– Surely one of the brightest prospects in the indie film world, she’s also blessed with a lively comeliness that we can’t stop talking about.

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