Portland Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Aussie Vixen Emily Eskell

The Stunning Emily Eskell is picture perfect in so many ways, her beauty is evident with a defined photogenic allure. Catch her in “Love Is Now” which follows the romance between two photography enthusiasts. The Portland Film Festival may be held in the US but there’s always a chance to get to know blossoming Aussie actresses and Emily joins Anna Torv and Claire Van Der Boom. Interesting that Claire is of Dutch ancestry and Emily herself has English roots on the side of her father. It’s no wonder the attractiveness of Emily warrants attention from a growing pool of admirers I presume. According to her, “Love is Now” was a wonderful film she worked on with Jim, the director, who she also collaborated with on a short film we wrote together called “The Fragments”.

She also just finished working on the series “A Place To Call Home” and has some projects lined up in Australia/ LA/ UK. Set in the 1950s, this melodrama has gained a loyal following and come the Season 3 premiere on Sunday 27 September 2015, we could get a glimpse of Emily in the latter episodes. During her time back in Sydney, she wrote and directed a number of short films for film festivals around Sydney and she’s quite the conversationalist in French having studied in Paris. We can’t wait to discover more about the graceful Emily as she pursues her dreams in theatre and film.

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