The Rising Starlets @ LA Shorts Fest 2015

1. Caroline Macey in “Aden”


– Watch the indelibly adorable Caroline in “Aden”, the story of a creature evolved from a child’s imagination that becomes a threat for the multi-national corporation known as Aden.
– This year she also guest-starred in an episode of the comedy series “The Exes” in the very first scene as Wayne Knight’s spiritual masseuse, Star! She was all bohemian cuteness!
– If you love comely women such as Rose Mciver or even from the musical realm of say Nina Persson of “The Cardigans” then showering passion on Caroline is a must!

2. Rachel Sondag in “The Bad Half”


– Rachel is both the producer and star of “The Bad Half” where at a dinner party, guests soon come to the realisation that the couple life has its downsides.
– She’s also slated to be on the new series “Blunt Talk” alongside Patrick Stewart which Rachel describes as a little racy. That means she’ll be spicing things up!
– The comedy scene certainly warrants more enigmatic actresses such as Rachel and she’ll do more than tickle your fancy.

3. Lisa Roumain in “Parallax”


– In the horror short “Parallax”, Lisa plays a woman whose family experiences troubling circumstances after her husband brings home a vintage TV.
– You can watch some of Lisa’s scenes from the psychological mind bender here in the director’s reel:
– With her Outstanding Lead Actress nomination for her web series “Split”, this enchanter is set to be the apple of our eyes in no time at all.

4. Benita Robledo in “And After”


– Her vivacity and bright smile have such an amiable appeal, it’s easy to be infatuated with the burgeoning star that is Benita.
– In the darker “And After” however, she compellingly threads the stages of trauma as a woman who tries to reclaim her sexuality after a brutal rape.
– She’s also a notable reason why we’ve following Season 5 of “Teen Wolf” in her guise as Deputy Clarke, a survivor amidst all the supernatural chaos

5. Kandis Erickson in “The Dynamic Double Standard”


– A regular on this blog, Kandis has a very endearing personality that is deserving of repeated mentions of adoration.
– Kandis has also been in several hit shows such as “Masters of Sex” and “Ray Donovan” which made her a delectable watch on television.
– She does play a super heroine in the short film “The Dynamic Double Standard” where she dons a very sexy costume that comes with its own set of problems.

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