Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 6 Sep 2015

1. Sophie Curtis in “The Childhood Of A Leader”


– At this year’s prestigious Venice Film Festival, Sophie will be on the big screen alongside Robert Pattinson who stars as a soon-to-be dictator in “The Childhood Of A Leader”.
– With her quintessence of geniality, Sophie is likely to be a perennial fixture at film fests and red carpet premieres where she’s a photographer’s dream.
– She is also the youngest daughter of acclaimed fashion designer Jill Stuart whose eponymous label has luminaries such as Leighton Meester and Hilary Swank as clients. Sophie herself is already becoming an established fashionista and very soon a rising star in 2015!

2. Alison Wandzura in “Mistresses”


– The elegant Alison is ideal for putting on them scrubs onscreen and she does it with such poise as Dr. Pauline Jenkins in the recent finale of “Mistresses”.
– Her charisma is something to be fond of and this Canadian starlet is garnering an impressive run on TV having been on “iZombie” and “Once Upon A Time”.
– Alison is in the throes of filming her scenes in the expected return of the yet untitled “X-Files” series and hopefully we get to see her add sparkle to new mysteries alongside David Duchovny as well as Gillian Anderson.

3. Emma Fitzpatrick in “Before We Go” & “Significant Mother”


– Emma is certainly hot property seeing how she’s recently dazzled the red carpet of the premiere of her movie “Before We Go” with Chris Evans and Alice Eve. Add to that her roles in cult horror hit “Bloodsucking Bastards” and the new CW series “Significant Mother”.
– In “Significant Mother”, she embodies the brash yet talented Sam Dillinger who happens to work for leading man Nate (played by Josh Zuckerman) and a potential love interest.
– This may be her first TV series stint and already she’s generated loads of interest with her exuberance and obvious attractiveness.

4. Barbara Goodson in “Cruel Will”


– Don’t miss her as Aunt Eloise of the lead actress in “Cruel Will” whose abusive father died in what is a twisted world they live in.
– Famed for voicing Empress Rita Repulsa” on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this foxy lady has played a wide array of interesting characters with such polish. On that note one can say she has an undeniable sensuality too!
– She can also be seen in the must-see horror flick “The Chosen” which has just topped the iTunes charts this week.

5. Anne Gregory in “Drunk Wedding”


– Anne stars in “Drunk Wedding” as Daphne, the wife of wedding videographer Phil who is covering her sister’s wedding even as it descends into debauchery.
– Known for her comedic work and her ability to bring a smile to our faces, Anne is indeed all sassy ebullience.
– She’s also lend her vocal talents to the hit animated series “American Dad” proving that her appeal is beyond just the visual.

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